Dance Classes

Beginners dance class
Tuesday and Thursday 5-6 PM (ages 5 to 12) $85/mo
This class will introduce students who have little or no experience with the art of dance. Students will learn dance vocabulary, choreography, how to keep the rhythm and increase their flexibility. It is a fun environment where students will learn basic moves for hip-hop, ballet, jazz, and more!

Intermediate dance classes
Tuesday and Thursday 7-8 PM (ages 12 and up) $85/mo
Students will expand their knowledge of dance through choreography, vocabulary, and rhythm. This class will challenge students to work hard and efficiently, while still having fun practicing hip hop, contemporary, and jazz.

Adult beginner dance
Friday 6-7 PM $65/mo
In this class, students will learn different styles of dance, rhythm, basic choreography, vocabulary, and dance history. Everyone will have the opportunity to learn dance styles such as hip-hop, jazz, contemporary and more!